Lifting and turning devices

Lifting and turning devices are used in many areas in addition to railway vehicle applications, which means there is a wide variety of units in vehicle or plant construction, the armaments industry, crane construction or other industrial production of large steel components.

Our devices can be used wherever workpieces have to be rotated at an ergonomic height in order to be able to process them from all sides. Since these are often welding jobs, these systems are also often called welding manipulators. Depending on the number of degrees of freedom, these can be:

1-axis swivel systems

One-Axle Turning Devices: Since they are designed without a lifting unit, they are a cost-effective variant, which is a good alternative especially for relatively light components.

2-axis rotary lifting systems

Two-Axle Lifting and Turning Devices: We offer a complete range of models between 2 and 40 to lifting force and corresponding rotary drives from 2,000Nm to 50,000Nm as standard. Thanks to a modular system, combined with high parts equality, critical components can be well stocked, so that attractive delivery times can be offered.

3-axis rotary lifting systems

Three-Axle Lifting and Turning Devices: Three-Axle Lifting and Turning Devices allow extremely ergonomic work. Even heavily backcut workpieces can be positioned in such a way that they can be machined in an ergonomic position. Thus, "overhead" welding is practically no longer required.