Three-Axle Lifting and
Turning Devices

Currently we offer two kinematic concepts of three-axle lifting and turning devices. One of these is a one-jack system, in which a second rotary plate is attached to the end of the rotatable, horizontal boom. The second is a two-jack system, in which in the middle of the rotatable connection carrier there is another rotary plate. Below you will find the performance data of our serial devices:

Type    ESSH-L0211 DV12/DV2    ESH-R 0521 DV12/DV6 
Description A lifting jack with a 2,200mm long rotating jib and a second slewing gear at the end. 2 lifting jacks with a 5,040mm long, rotating beam and a second slewing gear in the middle of the beam.
Load capacity 2to 5to
Torque axis 1 12.000Nm 12.000Nm
Torque axis 2 2.000Nm 6.000Nm
Stroke range
(middle of pivot pin)
700-2.680mm 700-2.600mm
Lifting speed 1.120mm/min 350mm/min
Rotation speed 0,42 / 0,9U/min 0,42 / 0,9U/min
Required performance 5kW (2800U/min)

As for all our devices, we offer frequency inverter controls for rotary drives for three-axis lifting and turning devices. This allows the rotation speed to be infinitely selected.